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ZAO Penzaspecavtomash
participate in EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2015

     ZAO “Penzaspetcavtomash” is a production company which produces a range of gas stations, container and portable filling stations under own trademark Benza. Our plant has been working since 1997. The reservoirs are made from steel with wall thickness from 3 to 6 mm. It’s mounted with combined filling port (function “fuel draining”, “reservoir service”), breathing system, protection system against  unsanctioned fuel discharge  and control system of insulation space. Fuel dispensing equipment is designed for capacity from 40 to 500 l/min and power - 12, 24, 220, 380 V. The volume is from 1m3 to 60 m3. Mobile filling station for commercial or interfarm usage can be completed with automatic system of the fuel discharge by chip keys and cards. With the help of this system you сan consolidate a few filling stations into one unified network and control every refueling 24 hours a day.

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