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RUSELF - Recycling
participate in EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2015

  Innovative technology of waste-free processing of salt aluminum slags with receiving sulfate of aluminum. Aluminum sulfate the product received when processing salt aluminum slags as a result aluminum hydroxide interactions with sulfuric acid. It is applied to water purification, sewage treatment, in pulp-and-paper, tanning and other industrial branches. Cost of production of sulfate of aluminum on new technology is twice lower, than from aluminum hydroxide at the existing enterprises. Innovation of technology – simplicity in operation, service, universality in raw materials, wastelessness of production. Low cost of production doesn't demand additional costs of crushing or granulation, is quickly dissolved in water and easily dosed, easily packed up and stored. The new production technology of sulfate of aluminum assumes to use as raw materials waste of the aluminum industry (salt kek) instead of expensive hydroxide of aluminum.

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