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TWINN LLC will present its poducts in EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2017
          TWINN LLC is a high-tech company of small business. The main activity is the production of MW-installations to produce CVD-diamond disks with a diameter up to 127 mm and thickness up to 2 mm using microwave generators with a power of 6 to 15 kW. High-efficiency diamond heat sinks are delivered for microelectronic devices. Plasmic - arc installation with a power up to 150 kW is used to produce alloys and targets for magnetron scattering. This installation can be used for direct reduction of iron from ore. TWINN is the only manufacturer of hybride plasmatrons based on combination of arc and microwave discharges. Several models of MW-DC plasmatrons with different microwave and arc power ration have been created and tested. Hybride plasmatrons can be effectively used in plasmochemistry and agriculture and other branches. The power of hybride plasmatrons can reach 500 kW and more.

          There was created an ecologically clean MW-installation for fumigation and disinfection of cereals and seeds. The installation provides effective MW-plasmic treatment of the free fall grains stream; the productivity is 2 tons per hour. Plasmic activation of wheat seeds before sowing has increased the real harvest up to 15-35%. There experiments were put into practice during three years at the pilot fields of the Orenburg Agriculture Institute. Currently TWINN is developing the sealed-off electron gun with a diamond outlet window, which allows to increase the specific power by 15-20 times. Company begins the production of diamond outlet windows for gyrotrons with a power of 1-2 MW.

          TWINN owns a Zeiss scanning electron microscope which is equipped with a Oxford Instruments microelement analysis detector.
Company TWINN has more than 40 patents. At the Geneva Exhibition of Inventions TWINN has received a silver medal for a hybride plasmatron (2009) and two gold medals for a sealed-off electron gun with a diamond outlet window (2017).

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