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Greetings of Senator Heidar Murad

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Greetings of Senator Heidar Murad

Deep Jordanian-Russian Relations

By Senator: Haidar Murad


Jordan Chamber of Commerce

In the name of the private economic institutions, I would like to welcome this important economic activity, which represents a very important step towards consolidating relations between Russia and Jordan through organizing the Russian Industrial Exhibition "EXPO-RUSSIA" for the seventh time respectively in Jordan.

It is noteworthy to point out that Jordan and Russia have maintained very strong relations of friendship for many years in all fields. These relations have been consolidated over the past few years by virtue of the efforts exerted by His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Excellency President Vladimir Putin, may God safeguard them. His Majesty the King paid several visits to Moscow during those years. Besides, the historical visit which President Putin paid to Jordan recently yielded very important results in terms of institutionalizing the bilateral relations in the political and economic fields along with cooperation in all other fields. In this visit, several agreements were signed.

         I am delighted to point out that we, at Jordan Chamber of Commerce, signed during this visit, in the presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Excellency President Putin, an agreement to establish the Joint Jordanian-Russian Business Council with the Chamber of Industry and Trade in the Russian Federation. It is hoped that this Council will have an important presence on the economic arena, and will play a considerable role in bolstering the relations between the companies and businessmen of the two friendly countries. Thus, the Council will lead to increasing the volume of trade exchange and to setting up joint investment projects.

         As we can see, the volume of trade exchange between our two countries still falls short of our aspirations despite the rise in the Russian exports to the Kingdom over the past few years which reached around US$310 million in 2007, compared to only US$5.18 million which represent the value of the Jordanian exports to Russia in the same period. There is, therefore, a need to exert further joint efforts to identify the products of the two countries, explore the needs of the two markets, exchange visits, and marketing information and know-how. This will be required to increase the volume of trade exchange and benefit from the free trade agreements which both of our countries signed with other countries around the world.

         This Russian Exhibition comes within the framework of enhancing the trade exchange in terms of informing the Jordanians and the audience in general of the Russian industrial products and export potentials. Besides, this exhibition provides the Russian companies representatives and businessmen with an opportunity to be familiar with the Jordanian products and goods which are needed by the Russian market. The exhibition also presents an opportunity for the businessmen of the two countries to get together and explore the fields of joint cooperation, investment opportunities available, Free Trade Agreements with the United States, Europe and Arab countries along with the Free Trade Zones, particularly the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ).

         The exhibition may also present an opportunity for cooperation between the Jordanian and Russian companies toward gaining access to the Iraqi market, and carrying out the reconstruction projects there.

         Finally, I would like to welcome the Russian friends and businessmen, and to emphasize the importance of building participatory cooperation in the fields of investment, consolidating the trade exchange, increasing contacts and communication between the companies and businessmen of the two countries, and to assure them that investment in Jordan will be successful and rewarding.