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Didactic Systems
participate in EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2015

     Didactic Systems, CJSC is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of training and laboratory equipment, as well as teaching aids for all levels of vocational technical education. The Company provides a full range of works, from developing the equipment to training the teachers who use this equipment in the course of teaching. At the EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2015 industrial exhibition, Didactic Systems, CJSC will display its developments as follows:

- Low-current arc welding simulator is intended for basic training in various welding types (MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG), as well as for developing basic motor skills in students working with electric welding equipment.

- Mechatronic system is a set of modules which simulate various sections of a production line. The system is used to perform various exercises in industrial control programming, setting and calibrating material and actuator position sensors; assembly of electric and pneumatic equipment, signal elements, electric and pneumatic cables, power supply units, push-button boards, and terminal boxes.

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