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Federal State Unitary Enterprise "All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics" (FSUE “VNIIA”)
participate in EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2015
     Тoday FSUE VNIIA is a big research and production centre.
The Institute structure includes well-equipped with state-of-the-art hardware subdivisions, such as:
• theoretical, R&D, and testing subdivisions;
• big computation center equipped with supercomputer, and distributed computer networks;
• industrial engineering and material science subdivisions;
• production shops;
• cost accounting, planning and management services;
support and auxiliary subdivisions. Major areas of work include development and serial production of the following products:
• industrial control software & hardware for heat and nuclear power plants, and for other sophisticated facilities;
• pressure transmitters and relays for nuclear and oil-and-gas companies;
• portable neutron generators and based on them equipment;
• portable X-ray generators;
• radiation monitors;
• equipment for detection of one-time fast processes;
• arc-discharge protection devices for energetics facilities;
• electroblasting equipment;
• seismic sensors and earthquake recording systems.
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