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The company "Brain Development" (St.-Petersburg) is a system integrator in the direction "Development of robotics in Russia". LLC "Brain Development" is the official representative of the International Association of Children's Robotics IYRA in Russia.
ROBOTREK is the first Russian designer of the new generation of robotic implementing the standards for educational robotics, from kindergarten to university, BASE DESIGNER "ROBOTREK" is a microcontroller TREKDUINO (compatible with Arduino).
For preschoolers designed 100 flowcharts, without requiring programming skills at age 5, preschool children are introduced to the basics of algorithmic and logic. The main block diagram have "flooded" into the motherboard. The versatility of the controller, as well as the ability to connect and control external equipment allows to expand the aspect of using the card "Technology" subject, "Physics", "Chemistry", "Biology", "Mathematics", "Informatics" in primary and secondary schools. Robotic systems ROBOTREK in a playful way to help create and develop not only logic, but also spatial thinking, which is the basis for much of the engineering and technical professions. COMPANY "BRAIN DEVELOPMENT" is the system integrator of the All-Russian network of robotic clubs "ROBOTREK."
NETWORK club has more than 80 clubs in Russia and than 5 clubs in Kazakhstan.
Designed by the designer "ROBOTREK " allows you to engage in project activities and will be useful for students of colleges and universities, implementing the requirements of the educational standard of secondary vocational education and higher vocational education towards preparation of a number of technical specialties: "Automation and Control", "Computer Science and Engineering ","Engineering", "Education", "Electronics", "Chemical Engineering", "Electronics and Microelectronics, radio and telecommunications".
Robotic complex "ROBOTREK" can be used as a platform in a variety of children's and youth competitions in robotics. In Russia annually held several large robotic activities. Designers can pass all the tests in such competitions as: ICAR, ROBOFINIST, IRC, in free categories ROBOFEST free categories of Russian Olympic robots, robot competitions International IYRC.
The controller can also be used to build on its base of robotic system. Robotic system is the development of resource kits, extend and complement the possibility designer. Total main lines developed 7 sets and 9 kinds of resource sets.

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