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OPTICENERGO will participate in EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA 2016 plus IRAN

     Company OPTICENERGO LTD. is a large Russian corporate group including companies of industrial production. We are kindly glad to supply:
• All types of Optic Fiber Cables;
• All types of Optical Ground Wire Cables;
• Aluminum Clad Steel Wire;
• All types of Traditional Power Cables and Wires;
• Helical fittings and Accessories for electrical and communication overheads lines;
• Aluminum Alloy Rod;
• Polyethylene stretch-film and Polyolefin shrink film;
     The main aim of OPTICENERGO Group activity is the manufacture of up-to-date products which are unique in Russia. All the factories are equipped with the most modern manufacturing machines and their products are corresponded to high customers’ requirements and are determined these requirements on the market.

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