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Barnaul Boiler Plant, Ltd. will participate in EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA 2016 plus IRAN

Barnaul Boiler Plant (BKZ) Ltd. is a leading Russian manufacturing plant producing valve for power-generating industry. The Plant designs, produces and sells high quality pipeline valves at best price and on mutually rewarding terms.
Our products guarantee failure-free and stable operation of steam power industry:
- Valves for working mediums “steam-water” for power engineering (stop, control, pressure-relief & protecting valves) may be also used for oil products, non-aggressive fluids and gases; DN 10-1200, PN 0.1 – 50 MPa, Tmax=560˚С.
- Pressure-reducing desuperheating stations (PRDS, DS, PRS and fast-response PRDS) for power-generating units and facilities designed for capacity G=1000 t/h, Рoperating<27 MPa, Tmax=570˚С.
- Steam exhaust silencers are mounted after the main safety valves and designed for Poperating<27 MPa, Tmax=570˚С.

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