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Siberian Energy Saving Company Ltd will participate in EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA 2016 plus IRAN

The company is engaged in manufacturing, design and supply of draft machines; cooling installations, installations of reduction and reduction-cooling units; noise suppressors; cooler steam; energy high pressure fittings and other electrical equipment. The company deals with the development of complex projects in energy saving and with the delivery of the substation, distribution, switching and measuring electrical transformer substations 0.4-110 kilowatt

- Reactive power compensation systems
-Electric Distribution cabinets
- Control and automation boxes
- Equipment For transformer substations

ZEROS® products are sold in Russia (Siberian Federal District), Kazakhstan, Mongolia.
ZEROS® equipment saves energy.
Our products have exhibitions awards: Siberian Fair- 2009, 2010, Krasnoyarsk Fair- 2010, 2011.
State Order 2011 Moscow, the Golden Diploma of Commerce and Industry of Russia "for the economic development of the Altai Territory"
Diploma of a High-tech Fair -2013 Omsk, Innovation Fair 2014 in Barnaul.
Indicators of business activity are registered patents and trademarks,
Membership in associations: Altai Chamber of Commerce,
Siberian inter-regional association of electrical companies (IUSEC)
We offer reliable and proven technical solutions of time, which enable companies to operate more efficiently!

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