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The company "ESB-Technologies" will participate in EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2017
The company "ESB-Technologies" is a modern innovative enterprise in Chelyabinsk - the leader in the production of energy-efficient film heaters for heating residential, social and industrial facilities, as well as mobile transport facilities. The motto of the company: "Constantly leading quality and new products aimed at improving life and working conditions."
"ESB-Technologies" is a developer and manufacturer of PLEN. The company was found in 2006. We have our own electrical engineering plant n.a. N. E. Epishkov producing PLEN elements, and also our own research laboratory.
The Company became the awardee of “Top 100 Russian R&D Enterprises” competition winning the gold medal and “Director of the year”, “Scientist of the year”, “Top 100 Russian goods” quality labels in 2012.
2013 - Awardee of “Best company of the year” international awards.
2014 - Awardee of “Top 100 Russian goods” competition winning a quality label.
Room heating is effected by means of heat exchange transfer from a PLEN with the temperature of not more than 45 °С to the enclosure of the building (floor, walls, ceiling, objects). The surrounding structures and objects heat the air by means of secondary heat exchange. The system switches off on reaching the preset temperature. At the temperature drop by one degree the system switches on repeating the cycle. Radiant heating system is acknowledged as the most energy-effective and safe by its characteristics.

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