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Nevsky Transformer Factory «Volkhov» will take part in the exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2022
NTZ Volkhov (Russia) produce molded current and voltage instrument transformers to power relay protection and automation devices, and commercial and technical accounting systems in from 3 up to 40.5 kV networks, as well as low-power power transformers with cast insulation with a capacity of up to 40 kVA.
ONE OF THE LEADERS OF THE INDUSTRY - Production in Veliky Novgorod. Electricity market player since 2012. More than 400 employees. Output of up to 100,000 items per year. Production facilities of more than 140,000 products per year. Production area of more than 10,000 sq.m. Site area of 50,000 sq.m.
QUALIFIED PERSONNEL - Over 20 years of experience of leading specialists. Expert participation in the development of national standards for instrument transformers.
SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL BUREAU - Own high-tech developments that have no analogues in Russia. Development of transformers with the maximum possible technical parameters in one dimension.
TESTING LABORATORY - Accredited for verification of measuring instruments (current and voltage transformers). Checking parameters at each stage of product assembly. Provision of acceptance test protocols.
HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS - The calibration interval of transformers is up to 16 years, the warranty is up to 8 years. Operational experience of more than 10 years in various climatic conditions.
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