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JSC «Atomenergoproekt»


7, Bakuninskaya Str., bldg. 1, Moscow 105005, Russia

Phone: + 7 (499) 261 41 87

Fax: + 7 (499)265 09 74

e-mail: info@aep.ru



JSC Atomenergoproekt is an engineering company and general designer of nuclear power plants. We implement full scope of working activities and services required for constructions of nuclear power plants, namely: siting; documentation;
3D-designs; prolongation of operation lives of nuclear power plants; engineering survey; ecological monitoring; substantiation of environmental safety; designer's supervision over construction and operation of nuclear power plants; decommissioning of power units; commissioning testing and start-up of nuclear power plants.

JSC Atomenergoproekt is the general designer of Russian Balakovo NPP, Bilibino NPP, Kursk NPP, Novovoronezh NPP, Smolensk NPP and also Bushehr NPP in Iran, Kudankulam NPP in India, Belene NPP in Bulgaria. Our Company is the general constructor in designing and construction of Novovoronezh NPP-2.



Atomstroyexport (ASE)

2 Dmitrovskoe Shosse

Moscow, 127434, Russia

tel.:  +7 495 737-9037;

fax: +7 495 232-3725;

e-mail: post@atomstroyexport.ru

web: www.atomstroyexport.com


  • nuclear power industry leader on the world market implementing construction and modernization projects in the field of nuclear power industry
  • over half a century experience in the Russian nuclear industry and innovative development of cutting edge national technology
  • state-of-the-art evolutionary projects for the world market 
  • reliable and safe new generation NPP units in compliance with international  requirements and IAEA recommendations 

ASE projects

  • Recently completed NPP construction: China
  • On-going NPP construction: Bulgaria, China, India and Iran 
  • Near future construction projects: Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam 
  •  NPP units modernization:  Czech Republic,  Hungary and Slovakia
  • Biddingfor NPP construction: Jordan and Czech Republic 
  • Negotiations on NPP construction: Belarus,  Venezuela and Kazakhstan


JSC Atomenergoprom


24/26, Bolshaya Ordynka Str., 119017, Moscow, Russia

Tel./fax: +7 (495) 969-2939



JSC Atomenergoprom

Atomenergoprom is a Russian vertical integrated company, which consolidated civil assets of the nuclear industry. Atomenergoprom unites leading enterprises of Russian nuclear industry posessing the unique experience accumulated in the whole range of technologies in the nuclear fuel cycle and NPP construstion.

100% of Atomenergoprom is owned by ROSATOM.

Atomenergoprom — Key Facts and Figures:

• the 4th in the world in terms of electric power generation at nuclear power plants (10 power plants, 32 reactors with a total electric power output of 24+ GW)

• 40% of the world market of uranium enrichment services, cutting-edge enrichment facilities

• 17% of the world nuclear fuel market (supplies for every 6th reactor in the world).




State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom


24/26, Bolshaya Ordynka, 119017, Moscow, Russia

Tel.:+7 (499) 9494254

Fax:+7 (499) 9492263

www.rosatom.ru info@rosatom.info


State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom incorporates more than 250 enterprises including all the companies of the civil sector and nuclear weapons complex as well as academic institutions and the unique nuclear-propelled icebreaker fleet. Rosatom is the biggest generating company in Russia that provides more than 40% of the electric power in the European part of the country. Rosatom is one of the leaders of the global market of nuclear technologies holding the 1st place in the world in terms of nuclear power plants construction abroad (simultaneous construction of 5 reactors); the 2nd place in the world in terms of uranium reserves (including joint ventures abroad) and the 4th place in the world in terms of production volume; the 4th place in the world in terms of electric power generation at nuclear power plants and providing 40% of the world market of uranium enrichment services, cutting-edge enrichment facilities and 17% of the world nuclear fuel market (supplies for every 6th reactor in the world). General Director of State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is Mr. Sergey Kirienko.



GIDROPRESS, Experimental and Design Organization, JSC


21, Ordzhonikidze Street, Podolsk, Moscow region, Russian Federation

Phone: +7(495) 502-79-10

Fax: +7(4967) 54-27-33

E-mail: grpress@grpress.podolsk.ru



It is established in 1946. A complex of design, calculation-theoretical, experimental-research and production activities on creating the reactor plants of various types for NPP. The main direction of its activities is development of WWER reactor plant designs.


JSC Concern Rosenergoatom



Ferganskaya Str., 25, Moscow 109507, Russia

Tel.: +7 (499) 949 24 22 Fax:+7 (499) 949 46 03



Electricity generation

JSC Concern Rosenergoatom is one of the largest Russian utilities and the only nuclear operator in the country.

JSC Concern Rosenergoatom generates electricity and heat at 10 nuclear power plants in Russia and performs siting, construction, operation and decommissioning nuclear installations, radiation sources and nuclear material and radiation substance storage facilities.

At present, JSC Concern Rosenergoatom operates 32 power reactors with a total electricity output of 17% of Russia’s generation.

Among Russian and foreign utilities, Rosenergoatom  is leading in terms of installed capacity (24.2 GW) and electricity production , which amounted to 170.2 billion kWh in 2010.


 “Yug Rusi”

Agro-industrial group of companies



Agro-industrial group of companies “Yug Rusi” is a leader in Russia. The Group of companies is a vertically integrated holding where all technological components of production are combined: from growing of raw materials to supplies of finished products to consumers.

The structure of “Yug Rusi” Group includes oil-crushing plants in Rostov, Voronezh and Krasnodar regions. The oil-crushing complex “Yug Rusi” is primarily production of vegetable oil “Zolotaya Semechka” that took the fancy of Russian and foreign buyers as well as the products under well-known brands “Avedov” and “Zlato”.  The geography of sales of such leading brands as “Zolotaya Semechka”, “Avedov” and “Zlato” covers whole Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries.

Sunflower oil that we produce meets the highest world standards. Our oil does not change the flavour of dishes that you cook and helps to accentuate natural flavour of products.   Cooking with our oil is convenient and healthful. 




Rostselmash, Menzhinskogo str. 2, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344029

Phone: +7 863 250-30-56, +7 863 255-21-78
Fax: +7 863 255-21-07
E-mail: market@oaorsm.ru

Rostselmash is a holding of 12 companies with facilities located in Russia, USA, Canada, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Rostselmash has 80 year of production experience and stable rank in the World Top-5 list of largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

There are about 11 000 employees working in the companies of the holding, they speak different languages and living in several time-zones.

Total turnover exceeds 1 billion dollars.

When the working day is over in Russia, people in Canada and the USA pick up the baton.

Today Rostselmash produces 17 types of agricultural machinery, more than 100 models and modifications for customers in 26 countries and has more than 500 dealers all over the World.

The model range is represented, as follows: combine harvesters; forage harvesters; tractors; forage equipment (mowers, rakes, balers); equipment for grain storage;     breeding equipment; landscape equipment; mounted equipment for tractors and combines.

Rostselmash is the first Russian company of non-oil sector that has become the global holding.


Joint Stock Company “Proton” (open type)


Leskova 19, Orel, Russia, 302040

Tel.: +7 4862 49 85 34

Fax: +7 4862 41 44 03




JSC “Proton” is the leading manufacturer of optoelectronic technology in Russia. The company is working successfully on the market since 1972 and has modern technologies in fabrication of LED devices and perform full cycle of fabrication from chips till finished devices.

The main production specializations are:

-          bright LEDs, modules, indicators;

-          LED illuminating devices, lamps and illumination;

-          LED traffic lights and scoreboard countdown time, aviation lights;

-          Optrons and solid state relays.

Company production is successfully used in many regions of Russia, supplied to export to the countries of CIS and abroad.



ELKAM-Neftemach CJSC


ELKAM-Neftemach CJSC, a research and development enterprise, designs and produces in lots oil-field equipment. It possesses its own modern scientific, engineering and production basis. The core serial production of ELKAM-Neftemach CJSC is bottom-hole oil pumps: inserted (Ø 27-57mm) and tubing (Ø 32-95mm) ones, and with special configuration for stripper wells and high-viscosity oil production. The company also produces bottom-hole oil pump units completed with automatic coupler equipment, sludge traps for scale and sand, fine filters or gas-sand anchors. In addition, ELKAM-Neftemach CJSC manufactures equipment for simultaneously separate oil production from two beds, wellhead equipment, back, circulating and bypass valves for electrically driven centrifugal pumps. All equipment is certified and is successfully operated in oil companies in Russia and CIS.





Tel.: (3476) 392030

Fax: (3476) 392784

E-mail: gvv@skatz.ru, market@skatz.ru

Salavat Catalyst Plant, Ltd. is a dynamically developing enterprise with high technologies and experts who have accumulated scientific potential and technical experience during the decades of successful work. All this enables us to manufacture catalyst products in accordance with the world standards. The primary activity of Salavat Catalyst Plant, Ltd. is the production of catalysts for the catalytic cracking of TCC type, all types of hydrodesulfurization catalysts, different types of synthetic zeolites NaX, NaX-BS, NaA-BS, KA-BS (molecular sieves 13X, 4A, 3A), technical silicagels of KSMG and KSKG grades, silicagel carrier for alcohol synthesis, Salavat silicagel fine-pored adsorbent (ASSM), alumosilicagel, waterstable alumosilicagel, mother solutions MR-Y, MR-X, soluble sodium silicate, sodium water glass and Inert ceramic products, other type of catalysts and sorbents. We will be

glad to see you among our clients! We are ready to consider all proposals and wishes!





Russia, 305026, Kursk

40 Leninsky Komsomol Avenue

Tel. +7 (47122) 4-88-81

Fax. +7 (47122) 4-88-88

E-mail: info@accumkursk.ru



«Kursk Batteries» is a united production site, which consists of the largest Russian and CIS chemical power sources plants: OOO «Kursk Plant «Accumulator» and OOO «IStochnik TOka Kurskiy».

Enterprises manufacture and sell lead-acid, alkaline and sealed nickel-cadmium batteries for automotive, motorcycle and tractor equipment, rolling stocks, power engineering and communication facilities, industrial and urban motor-vehicle transport, as well as military equipment.

Quality management system meets the international standards ISO 9001:2008,           ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004.



ELKAM-Neftemach CJSC



a research and development enterprise, designs and produces in lots oil-field equipment. It possesses its own modern scientific, engineering and production basis. The core serial production of ELKAM-Neftemach CJSC is bottom-hole oil pumps: inserted (Ø 27-57mm) and tubing (Ø 32-95mm) ones, and with special configuration for stripper wells and high-viscosity oil production. The company also produces bottom-hole oil pump units completed with automatic coupler equipment, sludge traps for scale and sand, fine filters or gas-sand anchors. In addition, ELKAM-Neftemach CJSC manufactures equipment for simultaneously separate oil production from two beds, wellhead equipment, back, circulating and bypass valves for electrically driven centrifugal pumps. All equipment is certified and is successfully operated in oil companies in Russia and CIS.

Zarubezhneft JSC

Address: Building 1, 9/1/1 Armiansky pereulok, Moscow 101990, Russian Federation
Telephone: (495) 748-65-00
Fax: (495) 748-65-05, 956-14-91
E-mail: nestro@nestro.ru
http:// www.zarubezhneft.ru

JSC Zarubezhneft is a Russian state-controlled oil company based in Moscow that specializes in exploration, development and operation of oil and gas fields outside Russian territory. Nikolay Brunich is the company's General Director and Russian minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko is chairman of the board.

According to the company's website, Zarubezhneft's main activities are: exploration, development and operation of oil and gas fields abroad; design, construction and operation of oil refineries, tank farms and pipeline systems; application of advanced Russian technologies for oil field development; testing and export of modern hi-tech methods for oil recovery enhancement and export-import operations for technological equipment supply.

The company was founded in 1967 by the Soviet government to operate in friendly states.

Zarubezhneft's most notable operations are in Vietnam, where it has several joint ventures with the Vietnamese company PetroVietnam, including the joint venture company Vietsovpetro.

In 2009, Zarubezhneft's General Direktor Nikolai Brunich was awarded with Vietnam’s Labour Order, first class, in recognition of his contributions to the successful operation of Vietsovpetro and cooperation between Vietnam and Russia.

is the oldest foreign economic enterprise of the oil and gas sector of Russia

—established in 1967 under the instruction of the Council of Ministers of the USSR as a branch All-Union foreign economic association under the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR

—at the present time is a Joint Stock Company with 100 % shares held in the federal ownership

—included in the list of strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation

—has a unique experience of international activity in more than 30 countries – Algeria, Angola, Vietnam, Yemen, India, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Libya, Syria and others




Metrostroy, JSC



Russia, 197013, St. Petersburg,

Zagorodny prospekt, 50

 telephone/fax: (7-812)316-3685


   The construction of the St. Petersburg metro system is conducted by a specialized company, called Metrostroy, that was founded in January, 1941.
   Over this time period, 4 under-surface lines with the total length of 108 km have been built in St. Petersburg, as well as many transportation, industrial and public buildings and structures. The first line was opened to passengers in 1955. Today 58 stations, including 12 metro transfer stations and 8 metro-to-surface-railways transfer stations, are open to passengers. Due to the specifics of geological and city-planning conditions, the stations are mainly deep under the surface. Only three stations are near-surface and three are above-surface.
   Every day the metro system transports over 3 million riders.
   Metrostroy, which has been carrying out 95% of all metro construction, mechanical equipment and stations' interior design works, is capable of introducing 4 to 5 kilometers of new lines yearly.
   The company's technologies and personnel are oriented towards constructing tunnels in medium and low-strength soils.


Construction Equipment Division GAZ Group


Moscow region,  Leninskiy district, Business center “Rumyantsevo”, Bul.1/8, p/o box 14

(495) 7284955




Construction Equipment Division is part of GAZ Group, dynamically developing diversified auto maker. The Construction Equipment Division is a leading manufacturer of multi-purpose construction equipment. The Division’s biggest product in terms of value is motor graders, with 70% share of the Russian market. The Construction Equipment Division is the only manufacturer in Russia which has created a full model range of motor graders. The main products of Division also are excavators (wheeled and crawler) and front loaders.


Science and Manufacture Enterprise "Unicon"

Zhukovsky Street, 3

Miass, Chelyabinsk region

456318 Russia

 www. unicon.miass.ru


Science & Manufacture Enterprise "Unicon" was established  in 1995 to design and produce sophisticated tools and equipment for various fields of medical science. “Unicon” products are generally manufactured of stainless steel intended for medical use.
These include series of syringe metering pumps, infusion solutions warmer, surgical staplers, biopsy needles, infusion stands, stands for housing of flexible endoscopes or mounting of monitors .
Products of “Unicon” (over 150 titles) are certified and registered with the national State Register of Medical Products and Medical Equipment. 15 products designed by “Unicon” are patent protected.
Quality of "Unicon" products is acknowledged by awards of the International exhibitions of medical equipment held in Russia, Greece and Bulgaria,  by Big Golden Medal of Honor and international award «Golden Galaxy», as well as diploma of the Laureate of the national quality competition

"The National Quality Mark." “Unicon” is listed among the 100 best manufacturers of 2010 and in a special national register "Reliable reputation".




Zlatoust Machine building plant


456208 Zlatoust Chelyabinskaya region Parkoviy proezd 1

Phone:  (3513) 63-60-82

Fax:      (3513) 63-60-82

E-mail  info@zlatmash.ru



Activity: production:

-       houshold electrical cookers and gas cookers «Mechta», «Zlata»

-   medical equipment:

-       guns: fighting,service, pneumatic;

-       manufacturing of crane-manipulator units with different hinged equipment for special transport means on the basis of trucks Kamaz, Ural, Zil and ather;

-       equipment for manufacturing of plastic for different use, polystyrene sheets, polymeric pipes.

-       guns: fighting,service, pneumatic;

-       Military weapon

Even now, in the 21-st century – the century of highly developed technologies – manpower remains the principal power of armed forces.

More and more often military conflicts have the local character.

This makes providing soldiers with high quality personal firearm the question of vital importance.

Zlatoust machine building plant (Zlatmazh) is known as the company, having significant experience and long-term traditions in manufacturing the best samples of Russian weaponry.



JSC Sverdlovskiy zavod transformatorov toka


25, Tscherkasskaya st.,Yekaterinburg, Russia

Tel: +7-343-379-38-19, +7-343-234-31-02, +7-343-234-31-03

Fax: +7-343-212-52-55, +7-343-232-64-00

e-mail: marketing@cztt.ru


JSC SZTT is the leading Russian producer of instrument transformers with cast epoxy insulation.

The works produces a wide range of current and voltage transformers (CTs & VTs) up to 35 kV, cast insulation distribution transformers up to 2500 kVA, high accuracy laboratory current and voltage transformers, etc. The works produces the transformers of high accuracy classes - 0,2, 0,5  and  0,2S, 0,5S.

SZTT uses cast epoxy insulation that is proved to be more progressive in comparison with oil insulation. It is ecologically safe, it excludes service (no oil change), it allows the transformers to be mounted in any position.

The most widely used CTs - TOP-0,66 and TSHP-0,66 - are applied for commercial electro-energy accounting. These transformers are produced in plastic body and have transparent cover to protect from illegal access. The body of high accuracy class transformer is produced from incombustible plastics.

The detailed information about JSC SZTT is available on the web-site WWW.CZTT.RU



ZAO "Company trailers CAPRI”



ZAO "Company trailers CAPRI” since 1993 develops and manufactures high-quality modern automobile vehicles for transportation of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuel, bitumen, fuel oil and crude oil) and other liquid substances. Beginning as a project company, a leading manufacturer of machinery, mainly, by sub-contractors, is now CAPRI has its own modern production base, which allows machines to produce any degree of complexity. The Design Bureau of the company constantly carries out the introduction of new technical developments for the development of reliable equipment that meets modern standards. All employees - highly qualified specialists. Many of their original design patented.

 Achivments of CAPRI

Company CAPRI noted in the Golden Book of St. Petersburg. It is a party to international programs aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of transport of petroleum products, is a member of the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce.



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Research and production centre

Nizhny Novgorod, Svoboda street, 63
+7 (831) 273-01-77, 273-01-78
+7 (831) 229-69-48, 229-69-34

Research and production centre "ANOD" was founded in July of 1992 and now it is a modern enterprise comprising several divisions like design, technology and manufacturing departments, marketing and service divisions. The company core staff is professionals with great experience of equipment design and production for various industries. Many of them have academic degrees and ranks, as well as government awards.

R&PC “ANOD” engineers and manufactures mechanical seals, pump units, heat exchange equipment, valves for the enterprises of oil-and-gas, petrochemical, chemical, power, nuclear, pulp- and paper, metallurgy and other industries.

The high technological products are based on proper inventions, patents and "know-how" of the company employees.
Research and production centre "ANOD" is a laureate of the project “The 100 Best Russian Goods 2003, 2008, 2009” in the nomination “Production for industrial purposes”. The high quality of ANOD products is confirmed by the diplomas of the Academy of quality problems. Since 2001 the company has been annually nominated among the “Nizhniy Novgorod business elite”. The company received GOST (State Standard) R ISO 9001-2001 in 2005 and this is the recognition of the complete conformance of the quality management system to international quality management standards and its success in efficient customer service.
Warranty and after-sales service of the production with the trade-mark “Anod” is effectuated by chain centers, which represent the company in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Samara, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Naberezhnie Chelny, Ashkhabad (Turkmenistan), Kiev (Ukraine) and Klaipeda (Lithuania).

Mechanical seals, manufactured by the R&PC “ANOD” are remarkable for great reliability, durability and operation stability at temperature and pressure drops.

Heat exchange equipment produced by the M&R centre “Anod” have such advantages as: high heat exchange efficiency; reliability at the cyclic load; perfected dimension and weight characteristics.

Pump units:

  • Have high efficiency.
  • Are equipped with a modern plate clutch, allowing to lower vibration and loadings of the pump
  • Are equipped by highly reliable seals R&PC “ANOD” and bearings by“SKF”
  • Flowing parts of the Czech manufacture.
  • Are equipped by gauges for the for the units control.
  • Engines of domestic and import manufacturers.

Another trend, the company develops, is the modernization of pumps.



Eldin Yaroslavl Electric Machine Building Plant , JSC



Russia, 150040 Yaroslavl, prosp. Oktyabrya

Tel: +7 (4852)780000,

Fax: +7 (4852) 780001

E-mail:  info@eldin.ru



Production  of  three-phase asynchronous low-voltage industrial motors with the frame size 71-355 mm; marine motors; three-phase synchronous generators; unidrives.

Quality of the products are guaranteed by Quality system (standard ISO 9001) certified by DQS GMBH,