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Our projects

IT-V Future Tech Union

         Future Tech is Union of companies. We are making innovative healthcare and communications products. We are qualified professionals in IT and medicine. In the Union we can produce complicated projects. 

         Our Products:

         SOL - communication platform:
         The platform helps to translate distant and complicated translations immediately. The system works 24/7 in real time and translate in any available language. SOL is the UBER for interpreters.
         Now we have online such language pairs:
● Vietnamese - Russian
● Vietnamese - English
● Vietnamese - Chinese
● Russian - English
● Russian - Chinese
         Product now delivers B2B to medical centers, pharmacy, government organizations, offline and online retail.
         LUNG Passport - pneumonia detection:
         Lung sound analysis with AI to detect and monitor respiratory conditions.
- 3 out of 5 top leading causes of death in the world relate to lung dysfunction;
- 500+ million people suffer from chronic conditions like asthma and COPD;
- Pneumonia is responsible for the deaths of 13% of children under 5.
         Lung Passport is a digital stethoscope paired to a mobile app that can tell whether you have lung problems and what their most likely cause is. It helps track a condition over time, connect to the doctor remotely and support him by providing succinctly visualized objective data on disease dynamics.
         Over $50B is spent annually on avoidable hospitalizations and emergency visits due to respiratory problems. We could help significantly reduce the burden by saving healthcare expenditures, improving people health and making MDs lives easier.
         Read more: http://lungpass.com

         EyeMove - simple detection of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases 
         Diagnostic on the detection of initial signs of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases based on eye movements. We are analyzing results with neural networks and computer vision: reaction time, movement time, eye movement path and other parameters are determined.The results are compared with the norm and the degree and probability of the disease is determined.
         Read More: http://eyemove.io/