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the official closing ceremony of the 10-th anniversary exhibition "EXPO-RUSSIA JORDAN 2011" has been held.
From 7 up to 9 March in Amman, the Tenth Anniversary Russian industrial exhibition «Expo-Russia Jordan 2011", organized by "Zarubezh-Expo" has been held with great success. The evidence of the high-level executive event was the participation in the opening ceremony of the Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Senator Nael Kabariti and senior officials of  the ministries of Jordan. On the Russian side it was represented by Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Jordan. 

The panellists stressed repeatedly that the ten years existence of the exhibition got the deserved reputation of business in the Middle East, becoming a reliable measure of the relationship between our countries. This year it was the logical continuation of the next stage of Russian-Jordanian Dialogue, due to a visit of President Dmitry Medvedev in January this year in Amman. 

It should be noted that the Russian exhibition was brought to the attention of  Russian and foreign media, which positively highlighted the work of «Expo-Russia Jordan 2011". Virtually all publications emphasized progressive and constructive character of Russian-Jordanian relations, and in what they see great merit of the exhibition organizers.
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