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Participants of EXPO-RUSSIA JORDAN 2010


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List of Exhibitors of

IX Russian Annual Industrial Exhibition   Expo-Russia 2010

24-26 March 2010

Amman. Jordan


The Forestry Holding Altailes

656056, Russia, Barnaul, Proletarskaya St., 61-29,

Tel.: +7 (3852) 63-99-24

E-mail: altailes@altailes.com





The Forestry Holding Altailes is one of the largest Russian companies in timber industry sector dealing with forestry and wood processing operations. The Company comprises 26 enterprises with high volumes of logging and novel technologies of timber processing. The company employs more than 6 000 people and its annual harvest volume is 1,8 million cubic meters.

The Altailes is a large company in timber industry sector  which carries out forest conservation, reforestation, efficient forest exploitation, as well as forest products manufacturing and selling goods. A large-scale forest renewal program Forest development in Altai Krai and helps the company to carry on a constructive dialog with the authorities. One of the distinctive features of the Altailes is its substantial investments in new technology. The company purchases machinery from market leaders. Drying sections of our enterprises are supplied with high-technology computer-controlled equipment  MUEHLBOECK made in Austria. It allows to control drying process at our personnel. Alongside with personnel training programs the Company conducts  an annual skill qualification test for the employees.

All these factors put together guarantee the best quality of our products confirmed by certification marks and awards received at leading exhibitions of Russia, CIS, East-Asian Region. The Altailes remains a market leader in timber industry sector owing to its high quality products, reasonable prices, a wide variety of products, the execution of its obligations under the contacts.

Main products:

1.                  Saw-mill production

2.                  Glued timber

3.                  Wickerwork

4.                  Forest gifts

5.                  Packages and packing

Artinskaya Igla, Ltd

50, Korolev Street, Arti Settlement, Sverdlov Region, Russia, 623340

Tel.: + 7 (343) 201-27-23, 201-27-08

Fax: + 7 (34391) 2-21-95

E-mail: sales@artigla.ru



Manufacturing and marketing of needle products. For over 70 years we have produced needles and know all the requirements specified for them. The total number of standard sizes of needles developed and produced by our company for diversified applications amounts to over 500. Our needles can be used in all kinds of models of sewing machines.

Range of products:

- Needles for regular sewing machines varying in diameter and pointing;

- Needles for special sewing machines: buttonhole sewing machines, fur sewing machines,  button sewing machines, overseaming machines for upper making and leather products, printing machines, sack stitching machines, overlock sewing machines;

- Needles for household sewing machines designed for sewing all kinds of fabrics;

- Sewing awl needles and sewing kits for repair of textile and leather products;

- Fancy goods: knitting needles and crochet hooks;

- Hand sewing needles.

Dormashina, Plant

152900, Russia, Yaroslavskaya  obl., Rybinsk,  Pilostavnaya str., 12

Tel., fax: +7 (4855) 26-37-14, 26-26-41, 28-79-76



Plant Dormashina is a producer of road-building machinery. The main field of activities is the production of road rollers with the weight from 1.5 to 20 tones. A model of the vibrating roller DM-10 with the weight 10-11 tones is equal in technical characteristic and reliability to world analogues.

The company provides services in the sphere of  repair works and modernization of all road roller models

Plant Dormashina  has started serial production of  mini-dump-trucks DM-15 with the carrying capacity of 1.5 tones which are used in agriculture and construction for transporting cargoes.

"Electrotechnical market of Russia and CIS", Internet-project

Address: Office 3, kor.1, 9 Gagarina prosp., 182100, Velikie Luki, Pskovskaya obl., Russia.

Tel./Fax: +7 (81153) 3-92-80.

E-mail: info@elec.ru.

Web: http://www.elec.ru/.


Elec.ru is the largest information Internet-portal, the universal platform for participants of the electrotechnical market. Applied on elec.ru information technologies allow its visitors to raise efficiency of the work considerably. Promotion of the companies-participants is carried out at once in several directions:

                    proper mini-site of the company,

                    automatic participation in sections of a portal (the announcement, price-lists, production, news),

                    search systems.

Thus attraction of a target audience on pages of the companies directly depends on their activity on a portal: from quantity and quality of the information placed by them. More than 350 000 visits a month speak about a demand and uniqueness of the project among participants of the electrotechnical market.


Eldin Yaroslavl Electric Machine Building Plant , JSC

Russia, 150040 Yaroslavl, prosp. Oktyabrya

Tel: +7 (4852)780000,

Fax: +7 (4852) 780001

E-mail:  info@eldin.ru



Yaroslavl Electric machine building plant (JSC ELDIN) is one from the main electric motors manufactures in Russia.

The basic production of the plant are asynchronous motors of general industrial version with the pivot pins height from 71 to 355 mm.

The plant has developed the production of special electrical machines that let solve the problems of resource and energy saving. Among them there are electric motors for the drive of rollers in metal manufacture, for cranes, reductor-free lifts of improved comfort, drowned pumps and also drive engineering packages with the usage of frequency and parametric converters, synchronizing generators for mobile Diesel-generator sets (jointly with the German company AEM).

The production of electric motors of dust-ignition-proof construction is realized for the needs of enterprises of fuel and energy complex and chemical industry.

The research and introduction of the so called intellectual level electric motors equipped with control systems are enlarged. First of all it is frequency and parametric control with the use of converters of own production and made by the well-known firms "Control Techniques", "ABB", "KEB", "FLENDER-LOHER", and also starting and protection systems of asynchronous machines.

Products of our plant has a lot of certificates and complies with world standards.

In 1997 the quality management system of JSC ELDIN was one of first in Russia certificated in German certificating agency DQS according to international standard MS ISO 9001.

, .

For the present time the plants share of asynchronous motors production amounts to one third of such production in the RF.

The plant is active to introduce its production to the world market of advanced technology and electrical products.

The high quality of our production lets us meet competition successfully at the markets of Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Spain and other foreign countries.

At the present time export amounts nearly 30% of total volume of products.
Products of our plant were repeatedly awarded by high Russian and international rewards.
The appreciation achieved by the work of the enterprise proves that our clients have one of the most competitive range of asynchronous electric motors, produced in the electrical industry of Russia, CIS and foreign countries. It provides our business partners with forcible reasons for reliable, mutually beneficial, stable and long-term partnership!

Engineering ecosystems, The group of the companies

192019, Sedova str., 11A, office 1035, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Tel.: (812) 633-33-17

Fax: (812) 633-33-18




The group of the companies Engineering ecosystems offers the complex decision on development of an engineering infrastructure as large territories (a city, areas) and separate objects of an industrial function, inhabited and commercial buildings.

We realize projects on designing and construction of engineering structures and communications: external and internal systems of water supply and sewage, technological equipment of sewer tunnel collectors, external and internal systems of an electrical supply, heat - and gas supply.

Experts of the Group of Companies perform the whole work cycle: research works, topographical survey, complex designing, construction and assembly works, project management and consulting on operation.

Kopeysk Machine-building Plant, OJSo

24, Lenin Street, Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia, 456600

E-mail: kopeysk-kmz@chel.surnet.ru



Sales office:

Tel./fax: +7 (35139) 7-33-04

E-mail: omis2004@mail.ru


Marketing Board:

Tel.: +7 (35139) 9-29-91

E-mail: market@kopimash.ru


The OJSCo  Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant is one of most promising and successfully developing enterprises in coal and ore mining machine-building industry enabling to manufacture highly productive machinery and to occupy a stable position in the market. The enterprise was established in 1941 and number of employees amounts to 4000.

Production program of the plant comprises over 50 types of equipment:

                    Road Headers

                    Loaders and Drill-Loaders, Mine Drilling Rigs

                    Potash Ore and Rock-Salt Production Machines

                    Machines for Ore and Salt Loading at the Warehouses and Ports

                    Mineral-Processing Equipment 

                    Production Machines for Operation in Potash Mines

                    Other Equipment and Product for Coal and Ore Mines

                    Trench Opening and Road Repair Equipment, Municipal Engineering

                    Cutter Bits for Mining and Road-Making Machines

                    Large-Scale Goods

 It is a unique modern diversified enterprise comprising various fabrication facilities starting with steelmaking and finishing with assembling of the most sophisticated structures. The plant has its own steel works, power facilities, preproduction and manufacturing workshops; it has all the needed technological capabilities and wide-scale potentials for independent engineering research and manufacture of machine-building products.

Production quality was confirmed by a certificate issued by a TÜV CERT Certification Body, Germany.

PP Qualitet Ltd.

4 str.3, Vorontsovskaya st.

Moscow , Russia, 109044

+7 (495) 679-86-27

+7 (495) 679-86-30/31






The year of 1991 can be justifiably considered the birth date of the Qualitet Group of Companies that year Scientific-Production Enterprise Qualitet (NPP Qualitet) started its operations in the sphere of development and production of lubricant additives, which at present is the core element of the business of the whole group. It was the time when Russian economy suffered decline caused by aftermath of collapse of the Soviet Union. The crisis undoubtedly influenced the industry of lubricant additives, which prior to that constituted a single and well-balanced system. Ties with scientific community were weakened and finally completely destroyed, and this negative trend was accompanied by moral and physical ageing of processing systems for production of additives which finally led to a notable decrease in production, accompanied by significant lagging behind world quality standards. It is in that difficult time a group of research workers and specialists decided to organize the Qualitet Company, with the aim of realizing their scientific and production potential in the sphere of development and creation of high quality and state-of-the-art lubricant additives.

During the last 15 years, NPP Qualitet has reached leading positions in development of lubricant additives and packages of additives and at present supplies its products to Russian oil refineries, thus assuring production of lubricants of high quality.

Packages of NPP Qualitet lubricant additives are cascade ones, it means changes of the percentage composition in oils assures any given level of performance characteristics from the V group to the E group (by Russian standards) or from the SB/CB grade to the CF-4/SG grade (according to the API standards).

Soon the K-487 additive package was developed and produced; its combination with the K-483 package made it possible to start commercial production of the API CF-4/SG and SG/CD grade lubricants.

In 2001 the NPP Qualitet was the first one in Russia and still remains the only national producer of synthetic sulphonates of four types: neutral K-31, semi alcalinous (base number 150) - K-311, highly alcalinous (base number 300) - K-312 and super alcalinous (base number 400) - K-313. The original production technology assured a high purity level of the product which possesses excellent neutralization and detergent qualities, stability to water penetration and effectively prevents formation of coke and lacquer sediments in the area of piston rings.

NPP Qualitet was the first in Russia to launch production of the T-43 package for transmission gear oils of the GL-3 grade and currently testing the T-44 package for production of the GL-5 grade oils.

The Company stared production of the K-61 thickening additive.

The major priority of the Qualitet Group of Companies is organization of its activity with the aim of producing high quality lubricants and additives and creation of adequate competition to foreign suppliers.

  Joint Stock Company

 Naberezhnye Chelny crane WORKS

Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny

+7(8552) 74-69-09, www/nchkz.ru, td@nchkz.ru


Joint Stock Company

 Naberezhnye Chelny crane WORKS

For 14 years on the market!

Structure of the factory represents a full cycle of lifting equipment production from project development to output of finished products.

All products and services of the factory are licensed and certified, a quality system for correspondence to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008) is implemented.

The main nomenclature of the manufactured equipment:

                    Gantry cranes with load-lifting capacity of up to 50 tons.

                    Overhead cranes, grab-bucket and special type, with load-lifting capacity up to 100 tons.

                    Underhung and supported single-beam cranes with load-lifting capacity up to 16 tons EPD.

                    antilever cranes with load-lifting capacity of up to 8 tons EPD.

 OJSC NChCW renders services on manufacture, delivery, mounting of crane equipment and examination of industrial safety of load-lifting machines, and carries out reconstruction of cranes in order to change parameters, restore their life time and determine the safe performance term.

We hope for development of partner relationships with you.

NEFTEGAS-STAL-ENVK, Limited Liability Company




Tsiolkovskiy st, 33, Volgograd, 400074, Russia

Phone/fax: +7 (8442) 49-88-50

E-mail: market@ngs-envk.com   ngs-envk@yandex.ru



The companys basic activities are

- Designing and projection of technological processes in different spheres of industry, making technological equipment and installations.

- Preparation and processing of petroleum production and mineral raw materials.

- Refining harmful components from gases and oil products.


- Absorption technology of H2S and RHS neutralization

- Briquetting metallurgical wastes

- Technology of salt and magnesium materials extraction

- Technology of wastewater treatment


- Additives for utilizing sulphur combination

- Fire-retardant material for impregnation of wood

- Heat transfer (antifreeze)

- Anti-ice and anti-dust composition

- Balneological solution beschofite

- Mineral means for agriculture

- Insulation material for the metallurgical industry

- Waterproofing and mud acid compositions for the petroleum industry, etc.


Neftegaz.RU, office 813, Tverskaya str 18/1, Moscow, 127006, Russian Federation

Tel: +7(495) 705-94-14, 650-14-82

E-mail: info@neftegaz.ru



Neftegaz.RU is a leading independent source of quality information for the petroleum and gas industries: the sheer volume of daily news, world press overview, energy and commodities prices, marketplace and rankings of companies and VIP-persons. Neftegaz.RU: monthly business magazine and information web-portal.

We offer our advertisers and business partners an excellent opportunity to effectively promote and sell their services. It attracts over 100,000 unique viewers a month and listed in the number one position in all of the Russian top oil and gas web-ratings.


BLD. 6, 7A,


Tel.: +7 (495) 974-20-19

Fax: +7 (495) 974-20-14

E-mail: adv@promvest.com






The federal magazine for top-managers and chiefs.  Sectoral news.  Analytical reviews and interviews of  top-managers.  Investment potential of  Russian regions.  The main trends of  the world economics.Science and  innovations. 

Circulation 40 000 copies; language    Russian; volume 140.

 Distribution: industrial exhibitions, seminars and conferences, target subscription.


123100, Moscow, nab. Academic Tupolev, 15/22

Tel.: +7 (495) 921 2303

E-mail: info@remixgroup.ru


Remix Group - is an investment-building holding company providing a full range of services in the field of development. For 15 years the company has successfully worked in the market of construction business. The company realizes architectural and engineering design of projects of any complexity, including: architectural-planning decisions and business planning, internal engineering systems, consulting activities (optimization projects), integrated solutions for development and renovation from concept to finished project (including economics), development projects with complex technologies - medical facilities, sport and recreation, shopping, sites, theaters and concert halls, airports, etc., design projects of residential and public interiors.  

The Russian Institute for Power Radiobuilding JSC

66, 11 liniya V.O., 199048, Saint Petersburg

Tel.: +7 (812) 328-10-10

Fax: +7 (812) 328-10-10





The Russian Institute for Power Radiobuilding JSC is the largest Russian enterprise engaged in the development, production, supply and introduction of radio transmit equipment rated at high and medium powers.

At present, the Company is engaged in the development and production of  the equipment rated at powers from 100 W up to 100 kW (HF band) and up to 5 MW (SLF band) for professional HF,MF, LF, VLF, SLF radio communication.

RIPR JSC can develop and manufacture the professional equipment for communication and data transmission over radio links, as well as the radio complexes and control systems for them. It can manufacture the communication complexes for the radio centers of diverse control sections.


                    Fixed and mobile transmitter and transceiver facilities and complexes for long-range automatic trunk point-to-point communication.

                    Manufacture of HF radio communication routed networks.

                    Manufacture of automated transmit centers.

                    Communication equipment for ships and vessels.

                    Manufacture of turnkey transceiver centers, as well as aircraft landing systems.

                    Control systems for transmitters and radio equipment complexes.

                     HF, MF, VLF, LF, SLF antennas.

                    ELF, SLF  installations for communication with deep submerged objects.

                    Cathode protection systems to provide the rust proofing of hull underwater  sections of the ships, as well as of the floating power stations, oil and gas production platforms.

The Severstal-metiz Cherepovets plant

1/33, 50-th of October street
Cherepovets, Vologda region
162600, Russia


Cherepovets: +7 (8202) 53 91 91

Moscow +7 (495) 540 77 66




Severstal-metiz is an international company manufacturing steel wire and wire products, with production facilities in Russia, Ukraine, UK and Italy. In Russia Severstal-metiz holds a market share of 25%, in the Ukraine 18%, in the UK 23% and 30% in Italy (wire rope market).

In 2007 the Severstal-metiz group of companies sold nearly 1 million tonnes of steel products, EBITDA reached $87.3 million, nearly double the 2006 level.

The Severstal-metiz product range is segmented into 5 major product groups: high carbon, low carbon, drawn steel, welding consumables and fasteners. Cherepovets Plant focuses on cold drawn steel, steel shapes and high carbon products (wire, wire ropes, etc); Orel Plant on fasteners; Volgograd Plant, as well as Carrington Wire and Redaelli Tecna, on high carbon products; Dneprometiz specializes in producing low carbon products.



Nizhni-Kislovski per., 7, b 1, room 433, Moscow, 125993, Russia 

l.: +7 (495)  697-42-98

Fx: +7 (495)  697-43-04

E mail: tiajmash@mtu-net.ru


Monthly research and industrial journal Tyazheloe mashinostroenie. Newsbeat: atomic, power, metallurgical, mining, transport engineering and allied industries. Basic sections: researches and engineering, production methods and materials, safety and prorogation of service life of machines device and equipment, scientific, technological and industrial research materials.  

Frequency 12 issues per year

Distribution regions Russia, CIS, European and American countries, Vietnam, China, Japan.

Distributed by subscription.  

Vesti  97,6 FM

125040, Moscow, 5-th street Yamskogo Polya, 19-21

Tel: +7 (495) 614 52 31

E-mail: akuzichev@radiorus.ru




Vesti 97,6 FM radio station started broadcasting on 5 February 2008. The main source of exclusive news information of Vesti 97,6 FM is the global correspondent network VGTRK. The news are broadcasted in the format of a non-stop dialogue between the radio broadcasters who discuss and analyze the latest news of the political, economic and sport life of Russia and the world. Vesti 97,6 FM broadcasting is mostly focused on commercial news. The most important news of the world economy and financial markets are promptly processed by the VGTRK Unified Economics Center which was created especially for these purposes. Vesti 97,6 FM has been awarded Information program of the year at the  Radiomania2008 ceremony.


JSC Zarubezh-Expo

+7 (495) 721-32-36 

  +7 (495) 637-50-79 ,  +7 (495) 637-36-33 , +7 (499) 766-92-82

info@zarubezhexpo.ru, www.zarubezhexpo.ru