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          The territory, which would rank as the eighth-largest country in the world if it were not part of Russia, is covered with snow for most of the year called Yakutia (Republic of Sakha).  It’s cold here for only nine months a year. Snow lows so brightly in the northern sun. The sparkle is a reminder of the area’s biggest treasure-diamonds. The land contains almost one-third of the world’s diamond deposits and rough mining accounts for 50 percent of the region’s gross national product (GDP). Yet, for the past 23 years, the republic has been working to expand beyond its role as a rough repository to establish itself as a manufacturing and jewelry-making center.
Yakutian diamond province is the largest in Russia, it accounts for 90% of reserves, 95% of production in Russia and 25% of the world’s diamond production. 

           The fact that the Yakut diamonds mined among the permafrost have fewer inclusions and cracks is known around the world. Such stones become really high-quality brilliants with excellent refractive indexes of light and purity. High-quality diamonds are the hallmark of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). People’s logic is simple — if the diamonds are from Yakutia, then they are real and of good quality. In the past few years, a number of jewelry companies have started using the phrase “Yakutian diamonds” in their names and promotional campaigns, although they have no relation to the republic. Yakutian diamonds have earned trust and respect of many jewelry devotees. This phrase encompasses wide associative array – legendary kimberlite pipes of Yakutia, polar nights gleaming in the flawless diamond facets, beauty of pristine nature and old jewelry traditions.

           That is the diamond region of Russia where the "Sakha Taas" Company comes from.The company "Sakha Taas" was founded in 1994 in the city of Neryungri (Sakha Republic). The company for over 23 years pleases and delights lovers of exclusivity of its unique jewelry. The main activity of the company is the production of gold jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones. We offer our customers exclusive jewelry masterpieces of the highest quality.

          It is no secret that the natural stone in the skilled hands of craftsmen becomes the exclusive decoration and talisman, capable perform the most cherished desires. Professional knowledge of technologies and gemology, meticulous creative work and great experience of our talented craftsmen with rich portfolio of elegant jewelry is the starting point of the creation of fancy "Sakha Taas" jewelry. The company has provided to its best jewelers complete freedom of creativity and imagination. This is the secret that allows to create an exclusive small masterpiece, able to surprise and fascinate.

          The synthesis of the ancient artistic traditions of Yakutia and contemporary art makes each product unique. Author's products of designers of Company "Sakha Taas" – beautiful modern jewelry with inlays of blue topaz, royal amethyst, golden citrine, mysterious rauchtopas, magic rock crystal, diamonds, garnets, Australian opal and many other stones that underline the taste and originality.

          Yakutians have been making jewelry for several centuries, with each item and design reflecting the social and marital status of the owner. Each of them is unique and can take its rightful place in a private collection.

          Every year the number of fans of the company is growing, consumers appreciate "Sakha Taas" products for the delicate handling of the stones. Yakutian jewelry has been displayed at all major trade shows and companies claim its popularity outside the republic is growing.

          Choosing and wearing our jewelry, you show others your impeccable style, the pursuit of refinement and originality, because the collection of our company is suitable for self-confident, successful people with broad perspectives and opportunities.

          The owner of any "Sakha Taas" jewelry becomes a friend and fan of our сompany. And we are always happy to see you again and again! 


 Earings with bly topaz, sibirlits and citrin SAKHA TAAS COMPANY Expo-Russia Vietnam 2017 Earings with citrins and sibirlits SAKHA TAAS COMPANY Expo-Russia Vietnam 2017    Pendand with emerald and  yakutian diamonds SAKHA TAAS COMPANY Expo-Russia Vietnam 2017 Ring with original catted diamond SAKHA TAAS COMPANY Expo-Russia Vietnam 2017