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Greeting Karpov A.E.

On behalf of the International Association of Peace Foundations and from my own I congratulate all participants and guests of the 10th Jubilee Industrial Exhibition “Expo-Russia Jordan 2011” which is opening in Amman, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Russian-Jordanian relations have been for a long time based on strategic partnership and cooperation. No doubt, traditional Russian exhibitions demonstrating achievements of Russian industry, science, engineering and humanitarian collaboration have contributed a lot.

Organization of the exhibition in Jordan for the tenth time incontrovertibly proves that the very idea of Exhibition “Expo-Russia Jordan 2011” organized by Zarubezh-Expo with support of the International Association of Peace Foundations is becoming one of the most important Russian events in the life of Jordan and its neighbouring states, it promotes trade and economic cooperation between Russian enterprises and Near East companies. It is pleasant that the exhibition subjects are becoming more and more varied every year. Particularly, within the context of the business program of the jubilee exhibition it is planned to discus acute problems of supply potable water to the Near East. A lot of world’s leaders agree that it is the deficit of water that may cause conflicts between neighbouring countries, up to wars. The experience of Russian specialists presented at the exhibition may prevent dangerous developments. This is how the International Association of Peace Foundations will contribute to peace support and stability in the region.

I am sure that “EXPO-RUSSIA Jordan 2011” will promote more comprehensive revelation of the development potential in bilateral cooperation between our states. I wish all exhibition participants well-being, success and fruitful work.



ASSOCIATION OF PEACE FOUNDATIONS                                          A. KARPOV