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Greeting Novitsky E.G.

The Russian-Jordanian Business Council welcomes the participants of the “EXPO-RUSSIA2011” jubilee Russian industrial exhibition which is being staged for the tenth time in the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan, the city of Amman. Every year the exhibition assembles industrial companies from different regions of the Russian Federation. Through Middle Eastern Media it attracts participation from business community representatives and thus contributes to further development of trade and economic as well as scientific and technological relations between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Jordan. It further boosts the development of trilateral cooperation between Jordan, Iraq and Russia.

The “EXPO-RUSSIA” exhibition is being staged with the support of the Russian-Jordanian Business Council, which was called on to promote the development of trade and economic as well as investment cooperation between business structures in Russia and the Kingdom of Jordan. The Exhibition gives a perfect opportunity for developing business partnership relations between Russian and Jordanian enterprises and establishing mutually beneficial business contracts.

The Russian-Jordanian Business Council is sure that the “EXPO-RUSSIA 2011” exhibition’s staging will be a next important step in developing political, economic and cultural cooperation and will promote the further potential growth of mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries.

We wish all participants and guests fruitful work, profitable contracts and success and achieving goals.


Chairman of the Russian part of the Russian-Jordanian Business Council

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                E.G. Novitsky