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Greeting Vartanov D.R.

Let me welcome participants and guests of the 10th Jubilee Industrial Russian-Jordanian Exhibition “Expo-Russia Jordan 2011” with all my heart, the exhibition which will take place under the sign of the momentous visit of the Russian President D.A. Medvedev to Jordan on January 18-19, 2011. Very good results have been achieved regarding promotion of energy power projects of Zarubezhneft, implementation of plans for construction by the state corporation Rosatom of the first NPP with the capacity of 1000MW in the maritime town of Akaba. I would like to mention that for this visit the Jordanian government had prepared a good present for businessmen by having approved the long hoped-for Foreign Investments Law which considerably extends the list of goods and services exempted from taxes and customs duties. From now onward all goods supplied by importers registered with the Revenue Department will be subject to zero tax rate. In addition, foreign investors will be able to transfer capital invested into the Kingdom as well as revenue from investments outside the state. It is assumed that this decision will greatly facilitate strengthening of Russian-Jordanian relations.

Long-term close partnership between our states demonstrates the need for regular industrial exhibitions as business conferences, panel discussions and routine companionship help us to know each other better and to find real ways for mutually beneficial cooperation. Taking into account the jubilee nature of the exhibition, in addition to traditional round table meetings in power engineering, industry and communication, the business program will be extended with additional events in medicine, education and water technologies.

Modern realia dictate the need not only to maintain, but also to develop economic cooperation, to stimulate mutual investments, to launch perspective innovative projects, and to extend possibilities for direct contacts. I am sure that the Jubilee Exhibition “Expo-Russia Jordan 2011” will provide businessmen from Russia, Jordan and other countries of the Near East with an opportunity to improve the existing economic relations, to realize relevant initiatives, and to transform them into long-term cooperation.

I wish all participants interesting and fruitful discussions, new mutually beneficial agreements, and success in plans implementation.

Chairman of EXPO-RUSSIA Organizing Committee

D.R. Vartanov