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Greeting Senator Nael Al Kabariti

By Senator Nael Al Kabariti
Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Commerce


In the beginning, I must pay tribute to the depth and the distinguished relations between Jordan and the Russian Federation which have persisted and increased to higher levels over the past decades, reflecting the interest and determination in promoting them in various fields, especially economic and investment, and what serve the interests of both countries and peoples, emphasized by the exerted efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah the second, who is keen on its development and support by all possible means in cooperation with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, through multiple visits to the Russian Federation contributed to build the best relations which serves the common interests of the two friendly countries, and reinforced by President Medvedev's visit to Jordan on January 18, 2011, which resulted in discussing ways of developing bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of strengthening them in addition to discuss the activation of cooperation in the field of energy and oil exploration, and cultural cooperation.

We in Jordan Chamber of Commerce and the Jordanian private sector need to strengthen relations with the Russian Federation to allow greater cooperation between private sector entities in both countries, and we welcome the convening of the industrial Exhibition ‘Expo-Russia”, which is held annually in Jordan for ten years, during it achieved great success and contributed to strengthening bilateral relations between the Jordan and Russia, no doubt that this exhibition and the presence variety of the representatives of industrial companies and Russian business participants, will constitute an important opportunity for the development of trade exchange between the two countries in terms of defining exhibition traders and manufacturers of Russian industrial products, and export capabilities.

This exhibition consider an important economic dimension to further deepen and strengthen relations between the two countries through the identification areas of joint work and the potential and investment opportunities, which will reflect positively on the volume of trade between the two countries, which still bellow the ambitions, and need to do more efforts to identify products of the two countries, and the needs of two markets, exchange visits and information, and marketing expertise to increase trade volume.

Assuring that the communication with our friends on the Russian side in the Jordanian-Russian Business Council has had a positive impact in developing and deepening these relations. the Jordanian-Russian Business Council has highly value active role, which form a strong base and solid that enabled both sides to strengthen their relations in various fields, also it is one of the important mechanisms of trade development and investment relations, through the topics being discussed that covered all the issues and problems facing the development of relations, which contributed to increase of bilateral trade and to maximize the Russian investments.

I would like to point to the importance of holding periodic meetings of this Council to push the economic relations between the two countries, with the importance of focusing on the follow-up decisions, and explore ways to develop trade exchange and discuss investment opportunities in various fields, and discuss the constraints and mechanisms that address.

I would also like to express my appreciation and gratitude to the organizers and all the participants in this exhibition, because of its effective role in consolidation of trade and investment relations between our two countries, stressing that we are in Jordan Chamber of Commerce we will make every possible effort in order to implement the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah the Second, in building better relations with Russian Federation, and we wish all success of this exhibition and to achieve positive results in developing relations between the two countries, and promoting volume of investment and trade to the level of our ambitions and hopes.

Hoping God to bless this exhibition with success, and form a starting point towards new heights of achievements, and another step towards progress and prosperity and rise the Russian-Jordanian relations.